Children’s toys — building blocks flower.

We will introduce a number of building blocks, according to the factory version, can be self-assembled.
The packaging can be blind box, color box or display box, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The minimum order quantity is 1000pcs/item. 
Product features
Feature 1: Attractive colour and safety material
Feature 2: Assembled Flower DIY Garden toy 
Feature 3: Best gift toy to kids, will have a lot of fun when play it
Feature 4: Sample is available
About product program:
Life is no longer about making do with it.
Life can also be switched to any color.
But the main color of life is still vivid.
Succulents are plants with tenacious vitality.
Use the display of building blocks to meet best self.
Follow your gaza.
See the world as a landscape that never ends.
The benefits of playing with blocks
1.Can train the child’s ability to focus.
When playing with building blocks, the child will concentrate on assembling, the child’s attention is focused on the building blocks. It’s good for kids to focus.
2.Develop children’s spatial imagination ability.
Playing building blocks in the process of children assembling, the brain should first have shape structure, can improve the children’s space imagination.

Develop children’s hand – brain coordination.
In the process of building Lego, children can exercise their coordination ability and promote brain development.
Cultivate patience in children.
Some of the playing blocks are very complex, children must have enough patience to assemble successfully. Children in order to complete the content of assembly, must be completed step by step, can cultivate children’s patience.
5.Can cultivate children’s creative ability, develop children’s intelligence.
Some children do not according to the drawings, spell out their own imaginary shape, can improve the child’s creative ability, the development of children’s intelligence is helpful.
6. Can reduce the time children play electronic products, reduce the harm of electronic products to children.
Building blocks have many benefits for children. As long as parents control their children’s playing time and play after completing their learning tasks, they will not affect their children’s learning. Because the product does not have the above advantages, in a sense, to learn and help.

Post time: May-16-2023