Have you ever played the online mini-game Plants vs. Zombies and How many versions have you played?

Plants vs. Zombies must be one of many people’s favorite childhood games, until now there are still a lot of people are loyal to PVZ fans, and in recent years there are a lot of different versions, but some of the versions are not fun, today to evaluate in the popular several versions which version is the most playable.

Plants vs. Zombies 95 is a homemade version, in which the zombies have been greatly enhanced, the zombie refresh speed has been correspondingly accelerated, and the difficulty of the game has been increased. In this version, the gameplay of some game modes has been changed accordingly. It is said that when this version just came out, some people could not pass but play for a week, you can imagine how much difficulty increased, playability 8 points.

Plants vs. Zombies Westward Journey version, in this version, add the mode of the journey to the West, and zombies into the Chinese form, add Red Boy, spider spirit, bull devil and other BOOS, each BOSS has its own exclusive skills, playability 7 points.

Plants vs. Zombies on the Great Wall Edition, this edition has a lot of China-themed levels on top of the level, and has a lot of gameplay treatment, but this version has a certain amount of money, so it only gets 6 points for playability.

There are many versions of Plants vs. Zombies, such as: Plants vs. Zombies Endless edition, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Zombies International Edition, Plants vs. Zombies Dragon Palace Edition, etc. Each version has its own unique gameplay, which version of gameplay do you prefer?

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Post time: Jan-04-2023