What toys do children like to play with these days?

Children at different ages are suited to different toys,Playing with different toys at different ages can exercise children’s abilities in many aspects.

Parents can use the color of toys to improve children’s color discrimination ability, improve personal interaction, strengthen the hands-on ability and operation ability and so on

First, let’s talk about blocks. This toy can exercise children’s practical ability and fine hand movements.Because children need to assemble the blocks, the assembly will inevitably exercise the strength of the hand and exercise fine movements. At the same time, it can also exercise the child’s concentration. Suitable for children less than 3 years old, can play independently for about half an hour (I suggest is to choose large particle blocks, so as not to eat). There is another benefit is to train children’s logical thinking ability. Because the child will think about how to put together, how to put together different patterns and so on.

Secondly, it is the engineering assembly car. This kind of toy is designed with more parts that need children to twist with plastic screwdrivers. Children like to twist and turn.

Children playing this can also be a good exercise of hand strength and hand-eye coordination, and also good for concentration.

Finally, let’s talk about our recently popular spray stunt car. Cool lighting and shape. Remote control function and electric function are available. Can effectively improve the child’s direction and control ability.If you are interested, please check our homepage.

We have hundreds of thousands of toys to choose from, including blocks, construction cars, stunt cars, Rubik’s cube, house playing, bubbles and so on.

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Post time: Nov-26-2022