Dinosaur shape magic cube

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About DINO magic cube information:

New Dinosaur Shape Magic Cube Plastic Eco-friendly Intelligent Toys Support Customized Figure Toys For Kids

Product name is dinosaur cube.It’s both a magic cube and a dinosaur model.

Smooth rotation smooth feel,play magic cultivate three-dimensional thinking.

Stabilizing central axis can be effective.Mutual clasp of lock the middle layer firmly form positioning.

Round and smooth appearance,rounded edge design not afraid to hurt baby’s hands.

Split structure exercise thinking assembly and disassembly of fully enclosed snap good rotation feel.

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Pls check the video as below:

Benefits and features of Rubik’s Cube:

Training hand-eye coordination, improve memory. The restoration process of Rubik’s Cube is a process integrating observation, action and thinking. In the process of rapid restoration, it is necessary to maintain a high degree of concentration, coordination of hand movements and high-speed operation of thinking. It has the general characteristics of competitive sports and has high requirements for thinking ability. One of the most prominent is the blind twist recovery, that is, remember the state of the Rubik’s cube first, and then restore the cube while blindfolded. Just think about how difficult it is, which is a great challenge for short-term memory. Turning the Rubik’s cube is mostly finger movement, and this movement at the end of the limb has a role in promoting the internal circulation of the whole body and is good for health. The practice of the Rubik’s cube is to sharpen the will, and the transformation of the Rubik’s cube is to test the practical ability

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Post time: Oct-07-2023