ShenZhen International Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Fair

We treasure every opportunity to meet with you,our valued customer.

From 16th-19th Aug. 2023,we will be exhibiting at the ShenZhen International Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Fair.

We cordially invite you to visit our booth.

Booth NO.:1A1588

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This time we bring our new Luban lock.There will be Rubik’s cube, ornaments, dolls and other competitive products.


The role of exhibitions:

Traditional Exhibition is a large-scale event that comprehensively uses various media and means to promote products, publicize corporate image and establish good public relations. Its characteristics are: it is a kind of complex, intuitive, image and vivid communication mode; It provides opportunities for direct two-way communication with the public; It is a highly focused and efficient way of communication. It is a comprehensive large-scale public relations thematic activity, which is a good subject for news reports. With an entertaining nature, can attract a large number of public. In general, social organizations attach great importance to the use of this form to shape and present their best image.

For the audience, the role and significance of the exhibition is interesting and fun, often the audience in the exhibition of bags and bags to purchase goods, such as gift exhibition, food Qi rent exhibition, pharmaceutical exhibition, and parents to bring children to the exhibition to play, such as toy exhibition, electronics exhibition.
In simple terms, the significance and function of the exhibition is to invite colleagues in various regions to a location, and everyone exchanges with each other to discuss high and low learning.

Post time: Aug-16-2023