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Now the major websites cross-border sales of a variety of toys, simple toys can only fight price and quality. Toys should be combined with education, more for experimental exploration operations, creative labor activities, regional activities, to give the concept of education, to provide a set of game guidance program in the toy market to stand out, in order to be more competitive. Preschool educa ion has become its own toy.
About hot products, instead of looking for what toy products are the hottest in the target market, what products of ours are likely to become the hottest products in the target market after research.
From the domestic platform, we can sort out three important categories with larger market sizes and more attractive growth trends. The first is early education smart toys. There are more than 2,700 brands related to early education toys and more than 10,000 stores.
However, due to the lack of market norms, the product technology content is relatively low, and the homogenization is relatively serious, so the early education toy industry is easy to fall into the low-price competition. One brand of children’s tambourine sales as high as 2.53 million. Secondly, toy products related to children’s music education are also worthy of attention.
With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards,
more and more parents’ willingness to point out and spend on music
education for their children is also increasing.
From the hot list, karaoke, children’s hand drum, electronic organ, simulation music mobile phones and other products are welcomed by the market.
The children’s book market is also a relatively important category in the early childhood education market.

Post time: Jun-26-2023