What is the most popular toy in summer?

Although toys can be played in four seasons, some categories have seasonal characteristics, which usually sell well in peak season and weak in off-season. For example, plush toys are more suitable for winter, and beach toys sell better in summer.
From the toy category, summer toys can not be counted as a toy category. It is understood that all kinds of toys suitable for summer play can be counted as summer toys, such as water guns, bubble cameras, beach buckets, ocean balls, fishing toys, inflatable fountains, etc. There are many types of summer toys, such as small electric fans, which our company will also sell.
Last month, we went to the first phase of the Canton Fair and received considerable sales response from customers.
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Bubble toys are very hot summer toys in recent years, this in the Shenzhen toy Fair has been significantly reflected. In terms of categories, there are bubble gun, bubble wand, bubble camera; In terms of operation mode, there are manual and electric; In terms of appearance, there are original cute animal shapes, IP shapes such as “Frozen”, “Hello Kitty” and “Changcao Ball Dumpling”, as well as Gatling gun shapes that have become popular due to short videos. Bubble products have varied in recent years.
Playing with sand and water can not only make them feel psychological pleasure, but also have a very important value for promoting the development of children.
Sand and water can flow and change, the child in the process of play, can exercise his various abilities.
For example, by touching different dry and wet sand, different thickness, different temperature of water, can exercise children’s perception ability. Through digging sand, shoveling sand, ladling water, pouring water and other sports, the development of children’s size muscle group. Digging sand pits, building castles, etc., can cultivate his imagination and creativity……
So summer is here, buy your beach toys and take your kids to the beach.

Post time: May-16-2023