What’s the idea of solving a Rubik’s cube without using a formula?

First observed and found the 3*3*3 Magic Cube:

1, Found that the Magic Cube has six side.

2, Found that no matter how the Magic Cube turn, the center of each side block is not moving, so this is a breakthrough point.

3,Found that there are 12 prisms, corner block has 8.

4, Found that the corner block trajectory and corner block did not coincide, completely independent of each other.

5, All edges can be reduced without affecting the corner blocks.

In fact, if you use the formula for a long time, you’ll find that you can come back if you forget the formula. This is when you start thinking while using the formula, and it’s a prelude to moving on to higher challenges. If the lower order is not skilled enough or do not understand the rules, playing the higher order Rubik’s cube is equivalent to memorizing the formula and the effect is not good.

Some people say the Magic cube is a mental exercise, but I don’t think that’s true.

It is only to exercise the mind in the primary stage, because you don’t understand the rules of the Magic cube at that time, you think you have to use your brain. After playing the game for more than ten years (almost every day), I feel that the biggest improvement is the spatial ability. I feel that I can fully know how each step of the eight corner blocks and twelve edge blocks rotates, and the position of each color. I don’t need to look at it repeatedly.It feels like a seesaw,if you go down this way, you will know that the other side will rise up, but the Magic Cube is a seesaw with multiple directions.

So the Magic cube can bring us a variety of changes, welcome to KINGDOM TOYS, let us take you to play with the magic cube.

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Post time: Nov-26-2022